Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Perfect Square: Reading and Math Activties

I am so excited to be part of this new collaborative project! I think this can be a great place to see wonderful lessons in action and find out more about them than you can get on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

My name is Adrianne and I author over at The Tutor House.  I like creating things for small groups and tutors.  The lesson I wanted to share with you today is aligned with CCSS for Math in grades 2-4.  They all have to do with geometry, so it's okay to cover each of these standards no matter which grade you are teaching because they do have some overlap.

Perfect Square by Michael Hall  
Book Activities

Start out by watching this book trailer with your students.  I love this little short and sweet video because it shows the book in motion and how the square changes.  Then read the book with your students and talk about the attributes of the square.

In the following days, you'll complete this math/art project with your students.  Each child will make their own Perfect Square book.  Check out my sample below and make sure to head over to my TpT store to download your free lesson.

Here's the book trailer!

Adrianne is the author of The Tutor House

Multiplication Fact Boot Camp

The Common Core tells us that by the end of 3rd Grade, students should be able to "fluently multiply and divide within 100...and by the end of Grade 3, know from memory all products of two-one digit numbers".  With this standard in mind, I have enlisted my students in "Multiplication Boot Camp". 

 photo MultiplicationBootCampPreview.jpgI have used this packet with my 3rd graders after teaching the concept of multiplication.  Each week, we focus in on a single set of facts which are tested on Friday.  Students learn strategies and practice at school.  They also practice their facts at home nightly and record their practice on their homework log.  Students track their own progress in their portfolios using the progress tracking sheet included in this packet.  Students who pass all tests, 0-9, are invited to celebrate at our class "Boot Camp Graduation".  We've had a blast working our way through Boot Camp!

This product is available for sale in my TPT Store, Down the Hall in Third Store.  For more Common Core aligned teaching ideas, please visit my blog, Down the Hall in Third.  Enjoy!