Monday, April 8, 2013

Teaching Fractions on the Number Line

Teach Fractions on the Number Line
When we teach fractions, we usually begin with pies or pizzas. We cut them up, teach the fraction names and such. Then Common Core Standard decides that students must know how to put fractions on the number line.  {Panic}

All of my students that have never done this before completely flipped out on me (so did their parents). It was just too strange and difficult to figure out. I came up with an activity that takes the simplicity of a pizza and added the number line to it.

This lesson actually works well for any grade level because the standards are so new, a lot of students younger and older still need to learn this concept.

Watch the video below to see how I to teach this concept and download this freebie from my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. This video came from my sister site, Kids Cog Works.  I made this video a long time ago.

Adrianne is the author of The Tutor House.