Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poetry Month Resources

April is National Poetry month, so we celebrate each year by creating our own poetry books. Each student creates his or her own poetry book, but we also compile our resources into a classroom anthology that I copy for each student. It truly is a unit I look forward to teaching each year. Figurative language, parts of speech, creative writing... it's all there!

If you want to try a poetry unit with your students this month but aren't sure where to start, you can grab my poetry pack in my TpT Store. I also made a short video to walk you through the process with your students. They're going to love it!

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Comparing and Ordering Integers

With Spring Break coming to an end, I am busy planning for next week.  Math is bringing us integers and I am hoping my little darlings don't get too confused!!  I created a number line for them that I will laminate and stick to the top of their desks so they don't have to squint to see the one on my wall!!

Click on the picture below if you need one for your darlings:

The Common Core doesn't get into integers until the 6th grade, but it is a part of my curriculum, so I can't not do them!!!  I am sure most of you are in the same boat as well.  I honestly believe that students need to "meet" integers before the 6th grade.  So, I am in the process of creating some fun integer games and task cards.  The first few are focused on just ordering and comparing positive and negative numbers.  I will soon be looking into creating products to help with adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers.

This is a fun twist on the old card game, War.  It is played the exact same way as well.  The students lay out a card and the highest card wins.  The person holding all the cards at the end is the winner.  Click on the picture to grab this from my store:

These task cards can also be found at my store:

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Math Intervention! {Customary Conversions}

Are your students struggling with converting customary units of measurement?  It's a tough concept.  When used before introducing customary conversions to the whole class, my remediation students were able to keep up with the new concepts as they were taught.

The scaffolded instruction through 6 short lessons and a 4 question progress quiz helped them gain the skills and confidence to meet grade level requirements.
This intervention pack meets the customary measurement portion of the following Common Core Standard.
CCSS.Math.Content.5.MD.A.1 Convert among different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system (e.g., convert 5 cm to 0.05 m), and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real world problems.

1- Units of Measurement- Reviewing customary units of measurement
2- Length- 2 mini-posters for 2 different problem solving strategies (5 Steps and Conversion Tables), 4 word problems
3- Weight- 4 word problems
4- Volume and Capacity- 4 problems
5- Extra Practice- 4 multi-step word problems

6- Task Cards- 8 review task cards
7- Progress Quiz- 4 question quiz

This product is available for sale in my TpT Store, The Science Penguin.

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