Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scribble Stories for Creative Writing

If you want to get your kids to write, let them do a little art first.  With scribble stories, students take the scribble and turn it into something creative. They get to spend some time designing and even coloring.  I absolutely love seeing how different kids take the same scribble and make it become something totally different from others that have the same scribble.  By the time they have finished the art, they have already created some kind of story in their head.  Plus, for some reason, by simply allowing them to do the art first, they seem to take ownership of the paper and the writing will pretty much flow.  When I hang these in the hallway, I typically take any that started off with the same scribble and hang them right beside each other.  That way everyone can enjoy seeing how each child turned it into something different.  It's a fun and creative writing project.  Enjoy!

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